Old Money Men’s Fashion: Timeless Style Secrets Revealed in 2024

Illustration of old money men's fashion with suits, hats, glasses, and shoes.

Old money men’s fashion is a style that exudes sophistication, elegance, and timeless appeal. It’s about dressing to showcase your appreciation for quality craftsmanship and understated opulence. In today’s world of fast fashion, the old money aesthetic serves as a reminder that sometimes, less is more.

We want to guide you through the essential steps in achieving that classic old money look for men. From investing in high-quality fabrics to paying attention to the smallest details, we’ll share the secrets behind this enduring style that has been around for centuries.

So join us as we delve into the world of old money men’s fashion, and let’s explore what it takes to achieve this timeless style in your wardrobe. The journey to looking effortlessly suave begins here.

Historic Overview of Old Money Men’s Fashion

Old money men’s fashion has always been an embodiment of timeless elegance and sophistication. In this section, we will explore the historic roots of this enduring style, delving into the necessity of such fashion in old money society and its evolution over time.

Necessity in Old Money Society

In the past, clothing and style played a significant role in differentiating social classes. For old money families, dressing impeccably was not just a fashion statement; it was a vital aspect of maintaining their high social status and respectability. By donning quality fabrics, adhering to classic colors, and investing in timeless accessories, old money men showcased their refined taste and projected an air of nobility. This understated elegance allowed them to distinguish themselves from new money individuals who often flaunted their wealth through ostentatious clothing and accessories.

Evolution Over Time

As time progressed, old money men’s fashion evolved to adapt to societal changes. Key historical events, such as the Industrial Revolution, greatly influenced fashion trends. During this period, men from the upper class leaned towards a serious, solemn appearance devoid of embellishment and personality. This classic look was worn not only at night but also during the day.

Today, modern interpretations of old money fashion still maintain the foundational principles of quality craftsmanship and timeless design. Brands like Brooks Brothers remain renowned for their high-quality clothing and accessories that focus on durability and ageless charm. Despite the fast pace of modern fashion trends, old money style continues to be a beacon of timeless elegance, inspiring new generations to embrace the sophistication and grace of this classic aesthetic.

Key Characteristics

In the world of old money men’s fashion, there are some key characteristics that make this style timeless and elegant. In this section, we’ll dive into the importance of quality fabrics, color palettes, and silhouettes that define this classic aesthetic.

Importance of Quality Fabrics

When it comes to old money style, the fabrics used in clothing play a crucial role. High-quality, durable materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, and fine cotton are often associated with this fashion. Investing in these quality fabrics ensures that our garments not only look sophisticated but also stand the test of time. By prioritizing quality over quantity, we’re able to build a wardrobe that exudes old money charm.

Elegant man in a pinstripe suit and striped hat, epitome of old money men's fashion.
Unsplash: Chi Lok Sang

Color Palettes

The color palette in old money men’s fashion is typically understated and classic. Traditional colors such as navy, black, white, and grey dominate the wardrobe, showcasing a subtle elegance. Bright and flashy colors are avoided, as they tend to detract from the overall refinement of the look. By sticking to these timeless shades, our outfits convey a sense of sophistication and taste that aligns with the old money aesthetic.


Lastly, the silhouette of old money men’s fashion is an essential component of the overall look. Tailored garments that fit well and showcase clean lines are key. Suits and blazers should be structured and well-fitted, while trousers should be straight and slightly tapered. Avoid overly baggy or tight-fitting clothes, as they can detract from the polished appearance we’re aiming for. A well-executed silhouette showcases our attention to detail and appreciation for classic style.

Iconic Old Money Fashion Items

Luxurious walk-in closet filled with 'Old Money Men's Fashion' essentials: tailored suits, classic hats, and leather goods.

As admirers of old money men’s fashion, we’re here to share with you some of the most iconic and timeless fashion items that are synonymous with the style. Let’s dive into the details of each classic wardrobe staple, making sure you’ve got the right pieces to achieve this sophisticated look.


A well-tailored suit is essential in old money men’s fashion, and wearing one in a timeless color, such as navy or charcoal grey, will never go out of style. Opt for suits made from high-quality fabrics like wool, and focus on the fit. The suit should be comfortable, with clean lines and a flattering silhouette.


Invest in classic sweaters, like cable-knit sweaters, cashmere cardigans, and v-neck pullovers. These will never go out of style, and sticking to traditional colors like navy, grey, and beige will underscore the old money aesthetic.


A stylish and timeless coat is a must-have for any old money gentleman. Look for classic styles like trench coats, duffle coats, and wool peacoats. Stick to neutral colors like navy, camel, and black, ensuring that it complements the rest of your wardrobe.


Even when it comes to casual wear, old money men’s fashion calls for a sense of sophistication. Opt for high-quality polo shirts and Oxford Cloth Button-Down (OCBD) shirts, keeping the colors simple and understated. Brands like Brooks Brothers are renowned for offering these styles with top-notch quality.


Old money styles make great use of tailored trousers and chinos. Choose trousers in classic colors like navy, grey, and black. Chinos in khaki or beige can be a versatile, more casual option that pairs well with polo shirts and blazers.


A sharp pair of dress shoes is indispensable for capturing the old money look. Timeless styles such as Oxford shoes, brogues, and loafers will complete any outfit. Stick to traditional colors like black and brown in high-quality leather.


To finish off your old money men’s fashion look, choose timeless accessories like silk ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares. Wristwatches with leather straps or classic metal bracelets showcase class and sophistication as well. And don’t forget about sunglasses – opt for classic styles like aviators or wayfarers.

By incorporating these iconic pieces into your wardrobe, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the timeless and sophisticated look of old money men’s fashion.

Fashion Brands Associated with Old Money

Man in a vintage suit captures the essence of old money men's fashion in a classic wardrobe.

As connoisseurs of old money men’s fashion, we have compiled a list of notable fashion brands that epitomize this classic and timeless style. In this section, we will navigate through tailors and couturiers, luxury labels, and more affordable brands that reflect the old money aesthetic.

Tailors and Couturiers

Renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, tailors and couturiers play an essential role in old money men’s fashion. Brands, such as Brooks Brothers are a testament to this, as they have been providing high-quality menswear since 1818. Another example is Brioni, which offers bespoke suits that elevate the wearer’s elegance and sophistication.

Luxury Labels

In the realm of Old Money fashion, luxury labels such as Brooks & Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Barbour, Burberry, and Hermès stand as pillars of refined taste and timeless elegance. These iconic brands epitomize understated luxury through their meticulous attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and the use of the finest materials. For instance, Brooks & Brothers has long been celebrated for its classic tailoring and enduring style, while the rich heritage of Burberry is reflected in every meticulously crafted trench coat. These brands, with their legacy and commitment to quality, serve as benchmarks in the world of Old Money fashion, offering pieces that transcend fleeting trends and exude enduring class.

Affordable Brands

Affordable Elegance in Old Money Men’s Fashion

While Old Money style often conjures images of extravagant luxury, it’s entirely possible to achieve this timeless and sophisticated look without stretching your finances. Brands such as Uniqlo provide a plethora of options inspired by traditional designs, marrying affordability with the classic aesthetics of Old Money fashion. Charles Tyrwhitt stands as a testament to the possibility of owning impeccably tailored attire that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. Likewise, Massimo Dutti offers an elegant range that captures the essence of the refined and understated look synonymous with Old Money. Dive into these brands and curate your wardrobe, ensuring that elegance and budget coexist harmoniously.

Old Money Men’s Fashion Today

The world of style is ever-evolving, but old money men’s fashion remains an enduring influence that marries timeless elegance with modern updates. Let’s dive into the modern interpretation of this classic aesthetic and how it’s impacting current trends.

Modern Interpretation

In today’s fast-paced world, the old money aesthetic has adapted to incorporate contemporary elements without losing its essence. Quality craftsmanship and understated elegance still form the basis of this style, but modern looser silhouettes and deliberate casual touches have found their way into the mix. These subtle updates help to strike a balance between traditional sophistication and current fashion sensibilities, keeping the old money allure alive for a new generation.

Old money men’s fashion has made a lasting impact on the fashion landscape, influencing both high-end and fast fashion brands. Key elements from this aesthetic, such as classic tailoring, neutral tones, and investment in quality fabrics, have been integrated into contemporary styles and continue to shape the direction of menswear. This influence is particularly evident in the resurgence of vintage-inspired clothing, as well as the growing popularity of sustainable and ethically-produced garments that champion quality over quantity. In essence, old money style has become a touchstone for those seeking a refined, lasting wardrobe that transcends fleeting trends.

Our Thoughts on Old Money Fashion for Men

We believe that old money fashion for men radiates timeless elegance and sophistication. It’s deeply rooted in a history of wealth and tradition, and we see it as a style that’s often marked by classic, understated clothing choices that value quality over fleeting trends. For us, one of the standout features of old money fashion is its emphasis on tailored suits and garments that fit just right, epitomizing refinement.

When we think of the fabrics associated with old money fashion, our minds drift to natural and opulent materials like wool, cashmere, and silk. These fabrics don’t just offer durability and a rich, stylish look; they also signify a commitment to investing in our appearance. The color palette we associate with this style is typically muted and neutral, with shades like navy, gray, and beige taking center stage.

In our closets, key pieces that define old money fashion would be:

  • Tailored suits
  • Crisp dress shirts
  • Fine leather shoes
  • Classic outerwear like trench coats and overcoats
  • High-quality belts and ties

While we appreciate the undeniable style of the old money look, we also recognize its intentional avoidance of flashy displays of wealth. The emphasis, instead, is on subtlety, lasting value, and masterful craftsmanship. To us, this fashion approach signifies a confidence and self-assuredness stemming from a profound sense of our own value.


What is the old money clothing style called?

The Old Money clothing style is often referred to as “preppy” or “Ivy League” style. Rooted in tradition and emphasizing timeless elegance, it showcases understated, classic attire often associated with elite educational institutions and affluent East Coast American families. The look prioritizes quality, subtlety, and longevity.

What to wear for a old money style men?

For an Old Money style, men should opt for tailored suits, crisp dress shirts, fine leather shoes, and classic outerwear like trench coats. Neutral color palettes, such as navy and beige, are preferred. Accessories include high-quality belts, ties, and cufflinks. Emphasis is on timeless elegance and understated sophistication.

What brands dress like old money?

Brooks Brothers: America’s oldest clothier, known for classic American style.
Ralph Lauren: Particularly the Purple Label, known for its timeless and high-quality pieces.
Barbour: Known for high-quality outerwear.
Burberry: Iconic trench coats and classic check pattern.
Hermès: French luxury goods manufacturer known for its high-quality

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